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Environment & Safety

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

At Turbomeca, safety and environmental protection are everybody’s business. Their sound management is a real source of progress for Turbomeca, emphasising the values it upholds as a corporate citizen.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Turbomeca is world leader in the design, production, sales and support services for helicopter gas turbine engines. Turbomeca is also renowned for its turbojet engines for aircraft and for missiles via its subsidiary Microturbo. In conformity with Safran Policy in this domain, consideration for the Health and Safety of personnel and for the protection of the Environment, is nextricably linked to the development of Turbomeca and its affiliates.

Our commitments are founded on respecting regulations and all other applicable requirements as well as on our constant progress and improvements in HSE. Our current and future objectives are defined more specifically below:

  • Reduce our significant environmental impacts with the aim of preventing pollution and controlling our gas, liquid and solid waste,
  • Control first and foremost, the most critical risks identified concerning the health and safety of personnel, in particular hand injuries and exposure to hazardous substances,
  • Involve our on site contractors in our HSE prevention drive,
  • Develop procedures to include HSE in design and industrial engineering phases, with specific consideration for the requirements of REACh regulation,
  • Prevent addictive behaviour concerning alcohol and drugs,
  • Provide backing for changes in organization and for new projects.

Our commitment to HSE is based on compliance with statutory regulations and all other requirements applicable to our activities and on constant improvement of our performances in HSE areas. In practical terms, this means developing in coming years the following paths of action:

The deployment of this policy in operational and functional processes is the responsibility of Management personnel. Each manager applies HSE objectives in the area of activity for which s/he is responsible, and ensures that his/her team is kept informed and actively contributes to the realization of these objectives.

The HSE approach is one of the hallmarks of our corporate culture, that includes our affiliates and international sites. Applied as described, this procedure contributes to helping our company and its entire workforce to present a dynamic, responsible corporate image to our customers, partners and neighbours. I personally undertake to monitor the progress of the deployment of this policy, in particular concerning the Annual Corporate Review. Let’s contribute together to making our sites a reference for the industry. The Chairman & CEO, Olivier ANDRIES