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To keep Turbomeca technology one step ahead, we invest fifteen per cent of our sales into Research & Development. There can be no more telling sign of our determination to design ever-more competitive engine solutions with ever-higher performance, along with value-added services.

Due to significant investment and our highly qualified team, R&D helps us to consolidate our position as world leader. Our customers inform us of their requirements in terms of global solutions for products and services, and with regards to cost management, deadlines, and quality.

Offering the best performing products and services alone is not enough. Global solutions need to be ready on time. The men and women at Turbomeca devise and develop specific and innovative solutions that allow us to better meet the needs of our customers.

Preparing for the future: design, development, certification, support

  • 1,000 engineers and technicians work on developing our products of the future.
  • We have invested considerably in this area of work, 15% of our turnover is set aside for research and development, 80% of which is self-financed.