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Joining the Human Resources Policy of the Safran group, Turbomeca’s human resources philosophy puts the development of our staff at the centre of things, supporting each individual in fully realizing his or her potential within the team environment. Our training and development programs are ongoing, since we want our people to be the best they can be. This means that there is always plenty of scope for both vertical and horizontal career progression, and that team members who excel in their roles can expect to see their efforts rewarded. The HR division is currently reinforcing and re-deploying its teams, developing its information systems and recruitment methods, as well as its training programmes and career and skills management methods.

Management tailored to the individual

Turbomeca staff skills and individual career management work in harmony together, based on our willingness to be always ready to listen. The objective is to encourage recognition of the work of each staff member, their professional and human qualities as well as the results achieved. Continuously developing the skills of the workforce is one of the prime objectives of Turbomeca human resources management. Our significant training budget amounts to 4% of the total payroll. To ensure career-long management for our employees, bridges have been built between the different career paths to favour flexibility geared to the benefit of customers, company and workforce alike.

Job mobility

Our human resources policy gives our staff extensive opportunities for mobility: job mobility and geographical mobility, either within Turbomeca’s own sites or in those of the parent company, Safran. This combines optimal individual career development with a broader scope of responsibilities, and opens up opportunities to work in the many specialist disciplines involved in our activity.

Job offers

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