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We keep you flying

Keeping our customers flying with complete peace of mind remains our primary goal. To achieve this we apply a strategy built around four values: safety, reliability, innovation and proximity.



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The key focus of everything we do and at the heart of our corporate culture. Day after day, improving safety contributes to the technical development of our engines and associated services. We are committed to applying proactive processes such as Safety Management Systems (SMS), to minimise the risks inherent in helicopter operations.


A constant concern that drives far-reaching action not only on our engines, but also on our services and equipment availability. Your satisfaction is monitored carefully, in particular via our feedback system: in order to assess that reliability, understand your demands and provide the appropriate responses.


To keep Turbomeca technology one step ahead, we invest fifteen per cent of our sales into Research & Development. There can be no more telling sign of our determination to design ever-more competitive engine solutions with ever-higher performance, along with value-added services such as BOOST, the new range of integrated on-line services.


To serve our customers effectively in the field, geographical and cultural coverage are essential assets. Our presence is provided by teams and partners (Certified Maintenance Centres and Repair & Overhaul Centres) based on four continents. We organise special events with our clients – Symposiums, Customer Councils and Blue Teams – which provides precious opportunities to exchange experience and fine-tune our support.

Our team of 6,000 specialists worldwide focus their energy and expertise on that common goal: keeping you flying.

At Turbomeca we’re “all ears” for our customers:

Helpline: a team at your disposal. Please dial +33 1 64 14 64 14 or 1.888.832.7727 (24/7 Toll Fee) for the USA.

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