Turbomeca has produced 11,000 Arriel turboshaft engines to date, logging 40 million hours in flight with over 1,300 customers in 110 countries.

Since its launch in 1977, there have been 28 different versions of the Arriel, powering 28 different light and medium helicopter types. Today, there are two basic variants in Turbomeca’s Arriel family: Arriel 1 and Arriel 2. Takeoff power ranges from 700 to 950 shp. The 6,000th Arriel was delivered in 2005, and the 10,000 was delivered in 2011. New versions are currently being developed with production and sales still on the rise. This figure represents a unique success story in the industry, boosting the Arriel to the position of world leader in its category.

With over 60% global market share in its power segment, the Arriel engine has been significantly contributing to the helicopter industry. Amongst them: the Eurocopter Ecureuil, AS350B3e, Dauphin, EC130, EC145, EC145T2 and EC155, the Sikorsky S-76 and the Agusta A109 K2, as well as the AVIC AC312 and AC311. The Arriel has proven its reliability in a wide variety of demanding missions, including EMS, SAR, utility and offshore operations, powering the most famous names in the worldwide helicopter manufacturing industry.

Turbomeca continues development of the Arriel family with new technology and has introduced the new Arriel 2+ engine offering lower operating cost and higher reliability and performance. Turbomeca has also achieved a major breakthrough into the Chineese market with the Arriel 2C on the Z9/AC312A, ex H410A, which completed its maiden flight in September 2001 and is CAAC-certified. In 2004, the USCG (United States Coast Guard) selected the Arriel 2C2 CG engine for the re-engining of the 95 HH65-C Dolphinhelicopters. In 2010, the same engine was selected for the 34 upgraded AS365K Panther of the Brazilian Army. In 2006, EADS North America were awarded the United States Army’s Light Utility Helicopter contract, including 322 UH72-A Lakota twin-engine helicopters powered by Turbomeca’s Arriel 1E2. In september 2011, Turbomeca signed a new cooperation agreement on Arriel 2B1A with SAIC (South Aero-engine Industry Corporation) and AVIC International (AVIC International Holding Corporation), to power notably the AC311.

One variant powering one helicopter

1A 2 Eurocopter AS 365 C Dauphin
1A1 2 Eurocopter AS 365 C1 Dauphin
1A2 2 Eurocopter AS 365 C2 Dauphin
1B 1 Eurocopter AS 350 B/BA Ecureuil
1C 2 Eurocopter AS 365 N Dauphin
1C1 2 Eurocopter AS 365 N1 Dauphin
1D 1 Eurocopter AS 350 B1/L1 Ecureuil
1D1 1 Eurocopter AS 350 B2/AS 550
2D 1 Eurocopter AS 350 B3e - EC130T2
1E 2 Eurocopter BK 117 C1
1E2 2 Eurocopter BK 117 C1/C2 - EC 145 - UH145
2E 2 Eurocopter EC 145 T2
1K 2 Agusta A109 K
1K1 2 Agusta A109 K2
2B1 2 Eurocopter EC 135
1M 2 Eurocopter AS 365 F1 Dauphin
1MN 2 Eurocopter AS 365 F1 Dauphin
1M1 2 Eurocopter AS 565 Panther
1MN1 2 Eurocopter AS 565 Panther
1S1 2 Sikorsky S-76A++/S-76C
1S 2 Sikorsky S-76A+
2B 1 Eurocopter AS 350 B3
2B1 1 Eurocopter EC 130 B4
2C 2 AS 365 N3 Dauphin - H410 A
2C1 2 Eurocopter EC 155 B
2C2 / 2C2 CG 2 Eurocopter EC 155 B1 / HH65 Dolphin
2S1 2 Sikorsky S-76 C+
2S2 2 Sikorsky S-76 C++