Turbomeca has produced over 3,000 Arrius turboshaft engines to date, logging over 6 million flight hours with 430 customers in 60 countries.

The Arrius family was launched in 1981. Today, it powers the newest generation single and twin-engine light helicopters. There are five basic variants in Turbomeca’s Arrius family: Arrius 1A/1M, Arrius 2F, Arrius 2B1/2B2, Arrius 2K1/2K2 and Arrius 2R. Takeoff power ranges from 357 kW (479 shaft horsepower) to 530 kW (716 shp).

The Arrius 1 powers the twin-engine Eurocopter AS355 N Ecureuil and its military version, the AS555 N Fennec. With the Arrius 2F, Turbomeca powers the single-engine Eurocopter EC 120 B Colibri.

The Arrius 2B2, the latest version of the Arrius family, entered service mid-2002 and powers the light twin-engine, Eurocopter EC135. The Arrius 2K1 was FAA-certified in late 2001. It powers the Agusta A109 Power. It has entered service in the USA and in Europe for medevac missions. The Arrius 2G1 powers the Kamov 226T. The helicopter is designed for the Russian and export markets. In 2013, the Arrius 2R has been selected by Bell Helicopter to power their new Short Light Single Helicopter.

One variant powering one helicopter

1A 2 Eurocopter AS 355 N Ecureuil
1M 2 Eurocopter AS 555 N Fennec
2B 2 Eurocopter EC 135
2B1 2 Eurocopter EC 135
2B1A 2 Eurocopter EC 135
2B1A-1 2 Eurocopter EC 135
2B2 2 Eurocopter EC 135
2F 1 Eurocopter EC 120
2K1 2 Agusta A109 Power
2K2 2 Agusta A109 LUH
2G1 2 Kamov 226T
2R 1 Bell Helicopter SLS