The MTR390 has been developed in a partnership between leading gas turbine manufacturers, MTU, Turbomeca, Rolls Royce and ITP, forming the joint engine company, MTRI. With a growth potential up to 25 %, the MTR390 engine powers helicopters in the 5 to 7 ton class. 300 MTR390 have been produced, logging 33,000 hours in flight. Find out more at!


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The MTR390 engine is specially designed to provide excellent performances in very demanding environments. Offering 958 kW (1285shp) at take-off, with an ample emergency power the MTR390 perfectly meets one-engine-inoperative safety requirements. Contributing to the exceptional performances of the Eurocopter Tiger, the MTR390 offers a simple modular concept for first and second line maintenance on condition.

The French and the German governments have ordered 320 engines and 22 spares for a first batch of 160 helicopters. In March 2002 a fist delivery of MTR390 engines, powering the Eurocopter Tiger UHT, for the German Army was registered. This was followed by the maiden flight of the Eurocopter Tiger HAP, which took place in March 2003. The first delivery to French Army Corps occurred in 2004. Read the article "First missions, a success for the Tiger"

Expanding the export market, 22 helicopters powered by MTR390 engines have been orderd by Australia and Spain announced the selection of the Eurocopter Tiger. An order of 55 enhaced MTR390, providing 14 per cent power growth over the current engine, is expected. The Instruction to Proceed covering the development program of the new Eurocopter Tiger HAD version and its MTR390 Enhanced engine was signed in Toulouse on December 2005.

One variant powering one helicopter

MTR390 2C/E 2 Eurocopter Tigre